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QB Ballistics

The QB Ballistics web-app uses data to track the development of the essential skills quarterbacks need in order to perform. Our patent-pending system tracks arm strength, accuracy, solid mechanics, football IQ and more. QB Ballistics assesses 8 categories and nearly 60 key QB data points to measure your QBs’ progress and development.

With QB Ballistics data, athletes and coaches set a baseline that directs the development of your quarterbacks over time. By using actual data to set the course and track their progress, QB Ballistics quarterbacks know exactly where they are in the development of their arm strength, accuracy, run-play footwork and other important skill areas relevant to playing quarterback. Elite athletes track their development to get better faster and more efficiently.

QB Ballistics Pricing

From individual athletes to league ballistics, we got everyone covered.
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Ballistics Athlete
Free for Quarterbacks
  • Free For Quarterbacks
  • Individual quarterbacks
  • Get access to your own QBB dashboard data
Popular Choice
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Ballistics Quarterback Trainer/Coach
  • Ideal for Quarterback skill trainers and position coaches who want to provide their quarterbacks skill development data using QBB’s standard setup
  • Admin Rights
  • QBB original categories and subcategories
  • Track up to 40 athletes
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Custom Ballistics
$125 Set-up Fee
  • Quarterback Skills trainers and coaches who want to customize the tracking categories and subcategories
  • Admin Rights
  • Create custom categories and sub categories
  • Custom QBB Dashboard
  • Track Unlimited Athletes
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Athletic League/Program Ballistics
$125 Set-up Fee
  • League and athletic directors who want custom tracking for multiple teams and sports
  • Admin Rights
  • Program/league athletes granted free access
  • Create custom categories and subcategories
  • Custom QBB dashboard
  • Track unlimited athletes
  • Roster setup
  • Minimum 25 athletes

Contact us for custom camp/clinic QB Ballistic options.

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How QBB Works

Add user


Quarterback trainers login to the QB Ballistics dashboard as admin. Once in the admin dashboard, trainers/coaches “add” quarterbacks in the system.
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The trainer/coach, as the admin, then inputs the scores for each category and subcategory in the QB Ballistics system.


Trainer/Coach admin then sends the athlete their login credentials to access their QB Ballistics categories and development scores.

Contact us with questions about QB Ballistics, how you can customize
the QB Ballistics dashboard or stay up on all things QB Ballistics.